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More than 125 vintage Mack trucks up for auction Aug. 19


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David Hollis, Overdrive  / August 11, 2017

More than 125 vintage Mack trucks, along with parts and memorabilia, will be on the auction block August 19 in Henniker, New Hampshire.

Ryan Auction Sales, which is overseeing the event, will hold a preview Aug. 18 at the auction site, 1492 Old Concord Road in Henniker, northwest of Manchester.

Stacy Libby, general manager of Ryan Auction Sales, said 100 or so of the trucks going up for bid come from one man’s collection. Libby said Jeff Remillard has been collecting trucks — Macks, Autocars, Brockways and Whites — since he was 8 years old and feels it is time to “thin the herd” and let his 12-year-old son start restoring trucks of his own.

The auction is an absolute auction. There are no minimum prices and no reserves.

Among the noteworthy Bulldogs going on the block are:

  • 1961 B 424-X, of which Mack only produced 14, and the one up for sale carries serial number #1
  • 1936 Mack AK documented by Mack as the last one of its kind built,
  • 1939 Mack CJ, one of just 799 made
  • 1936 EB Mack, one of 134 produced
  • two 1965 Mack B47s, which had a total production of 437 units
  • 1958 B 426 cement mixer, one of 221 produced
  • 1971 Mack U 600 dump truck, used in the John Travolta movie, A Civil Action
  • two 1945 Mack LJs, which were produced for a railroad company during World War II, when production was geared mostly toward military vehicles

Photo gallery - http://www.overdriveonline.com/more-than-125-vintage-mack-trucks-up-for-auction-aug-19/


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Here's a link to Ryan's more complete gallery of pics.  


I wish there was some info on each of the trucks, including whether or not they are in running condition.  I might be interested in one or two of them, but I can't spend 2 days running across NE to go to the preview then the auction.  Looks like a lot of potential in this bunch!

Is Jeff a member here?  I'd love to see if there is a list of the B Models with their VINs and a basic descriptions so I could load them all into the B-model registry (although many of them might already be there - his name popped up a lot when I was converting the list from pdf into Excel.... 



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The red and white "B" model fire truck is East Conway, NH Fire Department's old Engine 2. It is a "B-42" so it is a commercial model with another manufacturer's body on it.
Sad to see it in such bad shape.



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