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1951 Mack Trucks & Pin Up Girl

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I dunno what to think of this one, probably should go meet up with her, but Miss Vicky most likely won't give me permission. She seems to really like my truck, though, and favors my brand of suds.

I work with a very wise man and he once told me its easier to ask forgiveness then it is to ask permission. 

Maybe he was a wise ass??????

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I dunno were you find all this stuff Swish but keep it coming 

And Underdog whats the go with that bird and all that stuff hanging out face nose lips and ears ?????


Can't say I even met the bird, but fun to look at... A buddy of mine sent that pic to me I dunno if he photo chopped it together or if he found it that way... Somebody who knows I favor Pabst Blue Ribbon and dark haired girls! 

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