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E9 V8


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Hi everyone, I'm in the parts gathering process Superliner. My engine is a E6 300 4V with a 9 speed maxitorque. It seems to run well and sounds good but, has a more than fair amount of blow by and when the temp goes down it doesn't want to start. We are talking 30-40 deg f.  Anyway getting back to my  ? I found a 79 E9 400 with low mi it looks to be complete with fan alternator turbo ect.. they want $6500 for it. and i know rebuilding my E6 can add up to that easily. Would it be worth the swap and would it bolt to my trans? I haven't seen the engine in person, is that year a year to stay clear of? It would be going into a 89 truck if that makes a difference. Also it looks to have a luberfiner filter could that be converted to spin on filters? The truck is just a toy I figured a good running used  motor should last a long time plus I'd rather have the E9 even though its just to have it. Thanks in advance for the help.


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11 minutes ago, Dirtymilkman said:

Did they have the E9'S in 1979? 


First year of the E9 last year of theET1005. Best check the numbers to be sure of varient

ET1005 -Turbocharged Maxidyne (All variations)

998CID, 5 3/8 x 5 ½ 1976 to 1979)

142 Built ((IncludesET1005 (360 hp), ETB1005 (360 hp), ETZ1005 (360 hp), ETZB1005 (360 hp),ETB1005A (360 hp), ETZB1005A (360 hp), (ETAAZB1005 (360 hp), ETCZ1005A (400 hp),ETCZB1005A (400 hp), and ETAZB1005A (400 hp))

EM9 – Turbocharged Maxidyne Chassis MountedCharge Air Cooled (All variations)

998CID, 5 3/8 x 5 ½ 1979 to 1986

1,676Built (Includes EM9-400, EM9-400R, EMC9-400, EMC9-400R, and EME9-400)

E9 – Turbocharged non-Maxidyne Chassis Mounted ChargeAir Cooled (All variations)

998CID, 5 3/8 x 5 ½ 1981 to 1999

3,768Built (Includes E9-400, EC9-400, E9-440, EE9-440, E9-441, E9-450, EE9-450,E9-500, EE9-500, and E9-525)

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 “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’


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If you are considering a E9 swap there are a few things to change:

Front engine mount, 4 core radiator, big intercooler, maybe an oil pan if it was in a cabover. Most 1005 were not intercooled but the E9 400 and higher HP were. Make sure it has the power steering pump on it, it is gear driven and a must for a Superliner. There are two different bellhousings, make sure the engine was the right one for the Mack trans. Your trans may not have the torque capacity to handle an E9. Drive shafts will more than likely have to be built heavier, E9's twist little driveshafts. Even low milage engines can have issues. For that money it should have good oil pressure but to be sure I would roll a new set of rod and main bearings in it to be safe. Replace the oil pump springs while you have the pan off too, they break. There are a few complete E9 Superliners on Crag's List for $8500 or so now, maybe consider them, you will have that in the engine swap and a few parts easy with a lot of variables that can cost $$$

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2 hours ago, 66rmack said:

Thank you all for the info. I haven't seen any E9 supers anywhere near me. If I found one for 8500, I would def buy it up.

Here is one in New York, not to far from you $8900 Looks like you could drive it home in a day. Make an offer of $8K and you will probably get it. :thumb:



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