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Were mechanical engines still made for export markets after EPA regs?

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Even after EPA and other emission regulations led to electronic controlled engines, did heavy duty engine manufacturers such as Mack still make mechanical engines for export market trucks? Sometimes auto manufacturers still make older models for or/in other global markets if there is still demand, or to have lower price units, or if restrictions are less.

Also, sometimes second tier or up-and-coming manufacturers in other countries build older designs or derivatives  of products from major manufacturers under license as well. Did this ever happen with older truck engines from Mack, Cummins etc?


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I dont know about export but in the year model 1997 you could still get manual fuel pump E-7  engines as well as the VMAC1 and 2 electronic pump engines. In the year model 1998 you could also get the manual pump E-5  engine too.  There are somehow, some export MP-8 engines running around here with no EGR, DPF or DEF


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Does any body know how long the older Mack designed mechanical engines were available for other markets after the electronic engines replaced them in the U.S?

Also were any older Mack engines produced in this scenario after the Volvo designed engines came out?

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