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GM ceases Venezuela operations after government seizes plant


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2 hours ago, TS7 said:

Thank you. It is not Volvo that's wrong there. WSJ had a good story on what is going on there on Friday.

It appears that Mack de Venezuela sold 345 units in 2015, and 113 in 2016.

In its annual report, Volvo avoids any mention of its activity in Venezuela.

Unless you're building 5,000 trucks annually (at a minimum), even granted this is a KD assembly plant and not a full-blown production operation, you can't make money.

On top of that, the international sales unit of Volvo's Mack brand has been a failure. What little the brand still has overseas was established by the former Mack Trucks. In Central and South America, several stateside Mack dealers have forged such strong customer ties in Latin America that Volvo was forced to allow them to continue. The customers threatened to switch brands if they were forced to start dealing with the Mack brand's corporate int'l sales unit.


Production                                 2015                2016

General Motors Venezuelan   5,052               0

Ford Motor of Venezuela        3,813               2,257

Toyota of Venezuela                3,440               430

MMC Automotive                     3,104                 0    (assembles Hyundai and Mitsubishi)

FCA Venezuela, LLC                   1,907               7

Iveco Venezuela                           639              22

Mack of Venezuela                      345             113

Total production                        18,300        2,849


                        Production       Sales

2010                104,357           125,202

2011                102,409           120,691

2012                104,083           130,533

2013                71,753             98,878

2014                19,759             23,707

2015                18,300             17,585

2016                2,849               3,008

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