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You can rent a 6000lbs fork lift for a day just to be safe get 5 or 6 foot forks. I use a 4500lbs Hyster for all my engine lifting and everything else. It is just a little light to lift engine and trans together. In all the salvage yards they use big 10,000-20,000lbs or bigger forklifts for yanking engines and all lifting needs.

An excavator does a real good job of lifting engines too or whole trucks for that matter, used one before lifted a whole truck on the flatbed and yanked the engine out of another.  A backhoe is a little small for lifting truck engines.

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you may have to remove the cab shell over the jump seats if it is like my cf, not sure you will be centered over the balancing point of the engine if pulling just the engine I would use a svc, truck boom crane or gantry crane set up. measure carefully you may also need to pull the radiator to have enough room to get off the trans. input shaft.

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