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New B-Model Registry is up!

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After working at a feverish pace for a few weeks, fortified by lots of caffeine and Ben & Jerry's, I have finished converting the old macksrus pdf B-Model Registry back into Excel.

You can find it posted in its entirety at http://www.mackb-modelregistry.com/.

If you have a B-model and would like to update your info, including adding pictures and other information, please send in your data.  If you were never on the registry, and would like to be, same deal - send me your info, and you'll likely be added within 24 hours.  Or if you see a truck on there and know that the info is bad or outdated, let me know, and I can at least add a note to those vehicles, even if we don't quite know who the current owner is.  Looks like some of these trucks were added almost 20 years ago, and I'm sure that there have been a lot of ownership changes in that time.

The next step is to try to figure out how to get the word out to other people and places that this is available.  If you belong to other groups that you know that have B-model owners, it'd be great if you could forward the link to them.  As Spring approaches, I'm also hoping that you guys that are able to get to all the shows around the country/world will become B-Model reporters, and send me pics of the trucks and data plates that you run into so we can load them.  That's all the info we need to confirm that a truck is still out there, even if we don't know who the owner is or any other data.  Or if you're really into helping the list grow, you could print off a few of the data load sheets, bring them with you to shows, and encourage those other B-Model owners to send in the info.

I'll also post a link in the BMT Wiki.  If memory space is an issue here, at least if someone is searching in the Wiki for the registry, they can get the link to the website.

I hope you all enjoy taking a peek at it, and I hope that over time, it can truly become a resource for those trying to track down B-Models, whether they are on the road, or just "retired" in a field somewhere, or to know that a particular unit has been scrapped....

And if this garners interest, I'm game for doing the same for some of the other collectible Mack models as well.



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This is GREAT!  I'd love to see a registry for all models personally.  Why not!?!  I'll send in my info at some point soon.  I'd love to see another of the 4 made with the B-815 I'm working on.  They are SN 1228-1231 if memory serves.  I see 1232 up there...Just one away.  So close. 

Thanks for the effort.  Love it!

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On 12/14/2016 at 8:14 PM, fxfymn said:

Thanks for the effort. If it is OK with you I am going to write the editor of the SPAAMFAA publication to ask if he would publicize this as well.

Sorry it took me a couple days to get back to you - had an emergency appendectomy Wednesday evening!

Sure, I'm fine with all the publicity the list can get.  There have got to be thousands of B-models still out there, and it would be nice to capture as many of them as we can on the list....



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Thanks.  Still rather sore, but fortunately we got it just before it ruptured.  THAT would have been nasty, and I'm told would have required a week-long hospital stay.  I was actually going to put off going to the doctor's for another day, but I gave my friend, who lives next door, a call to get his opinion, and it turned out that his father-in-law, a retired ER doctor, just happened to be there swapping vehicles for the day.  So he stopped in and made the not-so-subtle suggestion that he thought it was my appendix and that I needed to get to the ER right away.  Sure enough, the CAT scan confirmed it, and I was in surgery 2 hours later.  So it was a very fortuitous visit on his part, because I wouldn't have bothered him at home, and would probably still be in the hospital now.

Anyway, I'm told that by next weekend it should all just be a distant memory.....


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