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Aluminum bed polish

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Most all aluminum polish will work fine. First you have to start with a DA and work your way down to about 600 grit before the polish and buffer will start to leave a shine. One of the most important things you have to find first...and a a lot of, ELBOW GREASE, shine doesn't come in a bottle or jug.. well maybe Moonshine.  :thumb:

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I sand my wheels down with a 600 grit then finish them off with an 800 grit before using three different courses of buffing from the brown bar down to jewelers rouge shines up like a mirror sanding is the most important the smoother you get the surface the better shine you will get.

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It takes alot or work , In two years I've worn  3  high speed buffers  polishing  my tri-toon.  Then its a constant job to keep it looking good.  I spend about an hour a side every weekend in the summer.  I use White Diamond polish then wash the haze off with  a rag soaked in mineral sprits and then wash with soap and water  before anything dries. .  



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I guy who makes vintage aircraft wings put me onto Nuvite polishing products, not cheap. We have been trying to polish or alloy storage/step boxes with the polishing wheels/pads using the polishing bars - the steps with the button holes and the rounded ends come up good with the polish bar and the wheels.

But the flat areas are awful, the wheels create a mess, shadows etc. and dull. This guy lent us his double head polishing machine and we started with some of his old Nuvite polish on our flat alloy sides and within 30 minutes the surface was starting to shine up and removed the scratches. You have to wrap a baby nappy over the 2 pad heads and put dabs of the polish onto the surface and the bay nappy does the surface contact. You have use separate nappies for each grade of Nuvite polish.

We will post pictures of our storage boxes when we finish after new year.



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