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B61 FA 505 axle

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I need kingpins/bushings for a 1961 B613T with a FA 505 axle. The local Weldons parts guys came up with Mack part #301SQ45A, how ever when I received the kit it is nothing like my original kingpins. The originals have no seals, and standard bronze bushings. The kit contains seals and needle bearing bushings, and the new pins are 1'' to short.  What part # is the kit I need?     Thanks Jase

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Who is Weldons?

Do you have your truck's line sheet with the 1QH front axle arrangement ?

301SQ45A is applicable to FA505 axles from 1963 on.  Prior to that, you need a 301SQ32B king pin set.

Give the folks at Watt's Mack a call (provider of the BMT website). You can reach them at 1-888-304-6225.

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Thanks for the help with the part numbers. I have waited to post a follow up until I have exhausted all options. There are no kingpin sets for this axle that can be found by anyone. The mack number crosses to several different manufactures of king pins, including Meritor, Dayton, Moog. and Kaiser, non of which are available. One thing that is weird is I have found dimensions of the pin by several manufacturers, and all list a pin that is 6.69'' long while my pin measures 7.375'' long. The shorter pin comes in the 301sq45a set, so in other words the 301sq32b set crosses with many manufactures to sets with the pin which is to short. If there are any other options please let me know. As of now it looks like I might have custom pins/bushings, courtesy of the local machine shop

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The cross-over to aftermarket could be wrong by a non-Mack brand. If the truck is year 1961, and the axle is an FA505, then the right kit is the 301SQ32B.

When you contacted Watt's Mack, they said 301SQ32B was NLA (no longer available) ?

Let me ask you this, how did you determine it's an FA505? Do you have the truck's line sheet with the 1QH front axle arrangement?

Also, did you get the FA model and 1QH number off the front of the axle itself? (It's stamped)


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