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when I worked at the local apple warehouse we had a 79 f 800 single screw tractor would hold air for over 10 months, always was amazed when I would turn the key on and the low air buzzer would not come on, would look over at the pri.sec. needles and both were still above 110! 

Unbelievable [emoji54]

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Build up the pressure than drive the truck into water with all air components under surface and than watch for bubbles ??

Kn what Gearhead said.... build air to max with brakes off (blocked!) and shut it off... check for leaks at the maxi's park side (air pressure is holding the brakes off) check for leaks

sugary  Tabaco  laden spit seems to make the best seal between the two glad hands  as for the nylon or rubber glad hand seals or a mixed combination , well I guess to each their own. when dump truckin

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I know Ron, sounds unreal but we would park the truck about the third week of October and then not use it again until mid August  I worked around the rig for three years and this was always the story 

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Does anyone have a VIN# to a MH that came factory with aluminum air tanks? Or possibly the part numbers for them.

I know this thread is old, but im getting ready to replace both of my steel air tanks, and I'd rather go with the aluminum ones this time around instead of steel.

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