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Ford retires Falcon Ute


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Motoring  /  July 29. 2016

Blue Oval's final Falcon Ute rolls off the line today, capping 55 years and almost half a million sales

It’s the beginning of the end… Ford’s last ever Falcon Ute will be produced today, marking the end of an era for both the Australian automotive industry and fans of the iconic Blue Oval load-lugger.

The final Falcon Ute – a white XR6 – is due to roll off the Broadmeadows production line in Melbourne at around 2:45pm this afternoon and will be retained by Ford Australia.

Bringing to an end a model line that was first born with the XK Falcon Ute in February 1961, the end of two-door Falcon production precedes the retirement of the Falcon sedan and the termination of Ford’s Australian manufacturing operations on October 7*.

* Production of the Ford Territory, based on the Falcon platform, will also end in October.  http://www.ford.com.au/suv/territory

Ford axed its long-running Falcon wagon in mid-2010, when the brand’s large wagon duties were essentially handed over to the home-grown Territory SUV. That vehicle – at least in its current form — will also be killed off in October.

The passenger-vehicle-derived ute is a vehicle configuration widely recognised as being born Down Under with the 1934 Ford Coupe utility.

Today marks the end of more than 55 years of continuous Falcon Ute production in Australia, starting in February 1961 with the XK Falcon ute at Broadmeadows and Eagle Farm in Brisbane.

Seven generations and 467,690 vehicles later, and Ford Australia’s sole pick-up offering becomes the locally-developed, Thai-built Ranger – currently Ford Australia’s top-selling model.

Ford Website - http://www.ford.com.au/commercial/falcon-ute

Download a Ford Falcon Ute brochure - https://www.ford.com.au/request-brochure?ctx=m:1249112466582


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That's a real shame the ute is part of Australian folklore we commonly call them "tilly" just the thing for a B&S ball 

Many a big weekend as a young buck tear assing all over the country side 

Me as a young bloke trying to be cool I guess :D

Looks like I was standing to far from the razor would have given a shelia pash rash :unsure:





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Up until a few years ago I had only ever owned Falcons. First one I had was an XB which I put on its roof, it kept going strong afterward but the headroom was affected. 

So im a little bit saddened by this news. 

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10 minutes ago, TeamsterGrrrl said:

Sad to see, but hard for Ford to justify a low volume vehicle like the Ute. That said, it might make sense for Ford to make a Falcon and Ute off a global rear/four wheel drive platform shared with the Mustang, etc..

With all local car manufacturing finishing, I think that is probably what we will see more of. Ford already have a 2 wheel drive, 2 door version of the ranger that will most likely take its place. 



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