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Jake brake switch


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4 minutes ago, masterwelder said:

If it's a Jake I think there a diagrams on there website. 

Its a dynatard but i would think it would be the same. I had my 89 changed to a jake and they used the same switches but i didn't pay attention to how they were wired. Im thinking to wire it in between the pump and the dash switch? 

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Dynatard was run from a relay via the governor housing no clutch switch! You will need remove the wire at the dash switch and run a wire from the dash switch down to the pedal switch and back to the wire that you remove from the dash switch! Im not sure if it operates to ground or is powered  however this should still work for ya!

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Thanks everyone. Thats what i thought just wanted to make sure. My 89 had the Dynatard and someone must have added the clutch switch. I had a jake put on it when i had the motor rebuilt but i never checked how it was wired.

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