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Swapping 11.00-24 to tubeless

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My Rd822 has 11.00-24 tube type tires. Not that I want to change them out but my brother and I were talking about what you would do to swap over to tubeless Daytons.

Now I know 22.5 will replace a 20 and 24.5 will replace a 22 but I've never seen a tubeless replacement for 24. Now I suspect if you had buds you could just bolt on a 24.5 but that won't work with Daytons. Are there tubeless replacements for 24s?

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To get on 24.5" rubber would mean swapping all the hubs to a 22" hub/spoke.  Like Ron said, no tubeless rims or tires for what you want to do.  Over the years, many have looked for the phantom 26.5" tubeless radial to replace tube type 24 inchers with no luck.


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If you have to swap them go to hub pilot or bud maybe easier in the long run with brakes and drums.  The drums on my 85 Superliner are obsolete via webb or gunite and only available "Gold Plated" from the dealer.  I had to buy new for the front at $350 each and the rears are $325.  Luckly the rear drums were good and there is a place still left in the USA that will turn them.  http://www.casperkc.com/


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