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Air Plumbing for tag trailer on 2007 CTP 713 Mack

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I have a 2007 CTP 713 Granite Dump truck and I need to install air lines to the back of the truck to hook up to my 3 axle tag trailer. Trying to find a good air system schematic for my truck that would explain the hook up. To make things even more complicated my truck wasn't built ready for a trailer. Single tractor release button on dash only. But it does have the "Bendix " lever on the dash for a trailer. When you pull it the truck brakes activate as it is. Anyways I made the order for the valves that I would need from Mack Ste Foy in Quebec to make this work. Tractor safety valve, double valve for the dash etc. But when I asked the guy if they had a schematic for my truck that would show what lines went where he said he had nothing available. Maybe I should talk to a different salesman there. Wanted to ask the question if anyone on here would know

where I could find the air schematic for a truck like mine but trailer ready. Or have some good advice to share.

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before you begin this task of converting the air system you may want to confirm that this truck will be correctly certified for the new combined weight... that will be on the certification sticker on the cab which relates to how this vehicle was originally built. You may need to discuss this with Mack, DOT or an engineering certified conversion company before you add plumbing... is there a hitch already fitted? as the crossmembers and other items may not be of the correct spec for the new gcvw...

just asking!!! don't want you to get a non compliance ticket and tow at the first road check

BC Mack

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