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1948 truck finally being retired from duty


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Check out the state of preservation this old beauty is in the FD just retired her after buying it new in 48 its up for internet auction in California that old stove bolt six is about as clean as ones ever going to see in its original condition probably comes with the original title too.







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Anyone who'd pay over 5K for something to rat is nuts. the whole concept for rat rodding was to build a driver from whatever you had lying around,then people started paying STUPID huge money for rat rods. I think the market's about gone now though. Unless a guy had ALL the good stuff on a pick up like this I don't think he could get 5K for it ratted. I could be wrong though-I tend to underestimate the idiocy of many of those with the bucks to buy whatever interests them without checking their finances first. :whistling:



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