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Front axle swap finished


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I got ambitious yesterday and pulled the truck up into the drive in front of my little shop and started the front axle swap yesterday was teardown day. I blocked up the truck and removed the front hubs and one U-bolt for a pattern 3/4 inch stock size was upgraded to 7/8 for the heavier axle in the truck now got all four new with hardware for 80 dollars cash and carry that was yesterdays work believe me blocking it all up using a bottle jack and blocks takes time had a set of 10 ton jack stands that were placed under the frame just behind the rear front spring hangars. Today unbolted the shock mounts and cut the old U-bolts and removed the original axle and installed the replacement axle using the tractor with the bale forks axle was an easy swap the axle could be slid one way or the other easily on the steel forks. Tomorrow will be spent installing the new hubs and wheels I just got done polishing to a mirror shine. I am going to sell the original 10,500 pound axle and Dayton hubs if anyone is interested I bought an 18,000 pound axle at a great price which had budds hubs on it for the swap I am going to sell the original budds hubs from this axle as well I went to hub piloted disc wheels I would have preferred a 12,000 pound axle but I needed one that had a spread of 34 1/2 inches from center bolt to center bolt with a 3 1/2 inch spring this was the only one I could find with both those measurements. I also got lucky enough to be able to use most of the steering linkage on the replacement axle the ball was the same size on both steering arms so I disconnected the drag link from the original and popped the replacement axle drag link right back on the steering arm.




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