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Need to switch gauges to negative ground

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I found some old posts on here that said you just need to switch the wires on the back...but that didn't work. The gauges are labeled positive ground. This is for my 74 brockway they look just like the mack gauges of the same era but with chrome trim instead of black. They are not like the 82000 series SW gauges in the older trucks. Does anyone know who made these or have part numbers for them in neg. ground. The ones i need are fuel, temp, and volts. Or can i open these up and change them around internally.

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Went to the junkyard monday and found a busted up mr being scrapped i took out the whole gauge panel. Some of the gauges say US gauge and some teleflex they match pretty good except for the black rings but i know i can put chrome covers on. installed the gauges today and everything works fine except fuel it reads full when i know its empty. By the way, i thought the original brockway gauges looked familiar i went and looked at my old 79 w900 kw and i couldn't tell them apart

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