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  1. I picked this B61 integral sleeper in June 2016, runs, needs some body work.
  2. Here's the gang photo from Macungie 2015.
  3. Yes, Ken, they local library. They usually have microfiche scanners.
  4. Here is another site to check for circuit breakers. http://www.peerlesselectronics.com/store/products/CDM%252d25.html
  5. I switched my H63 from positive to negative ground. Got my gauges from the following. SW gauges match perfect. http://www.delcity.net/store/Gauges/
  6. Here's BigMackTruck.com group shot Saturday,
  7. These are the real toy truck, check is out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHnkgFT9Z9k
  8. Haven't had mine out for sometime heres some pix, had since 1965, made into street rod in 1969 two wheel drive, added four wheel drive in 1983. 1931 Checvy 2 door sedan, 327 cu.in., with 4 duces, Man-A-Free set up.
  9. Try is link: http://www.truckntow.com/p-27570-buyers-hitch-plate-for-ford-trucks.aspx
  10. Ken, I know of one old car show that is larger, The N.S.R.A. National, Louisville, KY, the first week-end in August. There are over 15,000 streets rod a few years ago. They just resently opened the car show up to cars 1972 and older in the last couple years. The N. S.R.A, has nine minne show thru out the year a long with the Nationals. M.S.R.A. is a member of N.S.R.A. Link at http://www.nsra-usa.com/ Tom
  11. Pedigreed Bulldog, Speeking of Ulrichs, here is some of mine. Some are from the 60's, and some are from recent (PIE). Ulrich anounced that they were going out of production due to cost (being made in China). Ulrich had a web site. Display them on HO layout. Tom
  12. Rustdog, I just went thru the same thing with my '58 H63. I changes the electrical system from positive ground to negative ground. I first found a local auto electric shop had the generator & voltage regulator checked out. Found the two end plates mounting hole were out of round and armature had flat spot. luckly they had end plates and armature from another generator. The voltage regulator was sticking, they got me a new one (50amp) with double contacts (came with voltage regulator installation instructions), shows polarization instructions. I also attached series/parallel swith instrcuti
  13. Ken, There is a company called "Nu-Relics Power Windows", web site www.nu-relics.com, phone 336-699-8949. They make power windows for street rod. Let me know how you make out. I am looking for power window for my H. Tom
  14. WW Engine Mack/Volvo Open House Altoona, PA, 11-5-2013.
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