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e-mailed ex-lax to phone


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Sleepwalker: yes at 14,411 feet (4392) meters it is indeed a giant.

Green dash: I need to stop and get some better pics. of the vette. for a conversion the guy did a pretty nice job! I would like to talk to the guy I would guess he used a scout or bronco to get the right width of axles he has a few other decent projects. but I'm not really "car" guy myself.

the eastern part of the state is unique, from scantly covered solid basalt rock to very fertile volcanic loam farm fields to mountainous timbered valleys in the northern part.

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Great pics, thanks for sharing.

I find it interesting that you talk about a record apple harvest. Amazing how the weather affects us all. We set records here in Ontario to, because of the late spring and all the rain we had, one of the worst years in excavating/landscaping. However, I don't know for sure, but I think we had a good apple harvest here also.

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