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Battery Info for 1969 CF


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Hi All,

I'm looking for some info on the battery setup on a 1969 CF611 Pumper.

Our truck was recently hit by scrappers whole stole basically every piece of metal that wasn't bolted to the truck (ladders, fittings, adatpers, hard suction, don't get me started... :angry:)

They also stole the batteries and cut all the cables so we can't even get it started now.

I know we had 4 batteries before but I don't know what they were or the specs (amps, etc.).

Any suggestions on what everyone else is using would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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If all else fails you can contact the Mack Museum to get the original service manual and specs for how it was wired.

But, my first thought is there must be a retired FDNY mechanic who could help you out in that part of the world. Have you tried contacting the FDNY shops?

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Sorry to hear about the scrappers. Your truck would have been delivered with 4 6 Volt batteries divided into two banks A and B. They would have been wired in series so that the output would be a total of 12 volts per bank. From the factory the truck would have been positive ground. In my truck/s I have gone to group 31 12 volt batteries run in parallel. I think the cost of the 6 volt and 12 volt batteries are comparable. I also use the batteries that have the bolt on top to mount the cable. this allows me to put a wing nut on so the batteries can be easily disconnected when the truck is not in use. The battery cable should be 2/0. I will try and get you a photo of how there set up in the next few days.

Good luck Don

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Capt406, give me a list of what you need to replace what was stolen (nozzles, fittings, adapters, appliances, ladders etc.....) and I will see what I can do to help you out.

Have you contacted local scrap yards to tell them to keep an eye out for Fire Department equipment and ladders?

Are you on facebook?


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