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E6 350 miss # 6

A1 liquids

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Hello from Manitoba....

1988 mack R688ST with a E6 350

Took in shop for a miss, cracked lines and sure enough #6 dead in the water. Tested injector and fail....6 new injectors and fuel lines later reassembled still a miss. Cam is good, compression good....

Noticed when cracking fuel lines #6 looked (foamy) yup I said foamy....

Now I don't know my mechanical injection pumps. When these pumps wear out .... Is it possible that # 6 line hasn't got the pressure to fire the injector?

Is this common to pump failures.....

Little History of truck.....

Literally sat and did not move for 3 years in a Quonset. Shouldn't matter but thought I'd point it out....

Thanks in advance....

Love the forum by the way...


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Thanks for the quick reply guys... I actually checked that spring under the fuel line in the pump and it was fine.... Thanks b61mack ( we're on the same page) was looking for something simple but I'm starting to lean towards gearhead204.... Taking the ambac 300 off my 85 today to try it Tuesday on the 88. Beats coughing up 2 grand for another pump.

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Pump tested ok but low idle was 1/3 of spec..... Lap valve and snubber removed on #6 new gaskets everywhere.... Reassembled.... And all cylinders firing...... It's a good day. Thanks for all the suggestions and help guys..... I'm a hole lot wiser on how these pumps work now....

Thanks again

Colin and family

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