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i refuse to give up

heavy haul

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hello everyone my name is mike and im a local flatbed guy here in rhode island I came across Big Mack Trucks while searching for answers. I have a 1996 ch 613 e-7 427 forward axle day cab with a t-2090 trans and 44k rears. ive found most answers to my questions just by searching thru the forums however im stumped on one my truck blows black smoke like something out of a james bond movie. Ive replaced the turbo, intercooler,checked and changed hoses and clamps, she seems to have plenty of boost if the gauge is accurate 27-28 psi while under a load ive checked the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets they all seem good I did buy new gaskets and the hose that goes from the intake to the turbo it seems to be fine however my eyes aren't what they used to be so I figure change it just in case. I was thinking pump timing or nozzle but the truck runs great im open to any and all suggestions. P.S the local mack dealer is ABSOLUTLY no help and ive been chasing this problem for over four years now Thank you for any and all help

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welcome aboard mate now to show how dumb I am is this an electronic motor or a mechanical injection pump type of motor?

the two things I know for sure

number 1 black smoke is unburnt diesel

number 2 this is always [ as far as I know ] caused by either to much fuel or not enough air

so I suppose I would disconect the air cleaner and go for a drive and see if it still blows smoke if it does well your half way there [ you no its getting to much fuel ]


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