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What kind of tyranny?


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I'm new to this forum, and some kind soul finally responded to me to tell me to wander over here with my query from where I was, so here's my post from the other day:

Hi, just checking in to see if you can help me out: I'm trying to figure out the proper term/designation for the transmission in my first truck from over 20 years ago. I was working for a concrete company, and I was driving a '78 Mack R type, with a two stick transmission: one controlled the 5 speeds, and the other was forward high/forward low/reverse. (Also, mine was one of only two we had with an air controlled switch on the dash for deep reduction. Great truck for special pours!)

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I have a TRTXL1070B (12 spd) with the air switch on the dash. My set up allows you to use the dash switch to go into deep reduction. With this switch engaged the stick stays in the "first" gear position. I can air shift the stick to 2nd, then throw the dash switch and airshft the stick back to normal "first" if I need to. Usually I just go from Deep reduction 2nd to normal second gear.

I'm sure there is correct terminology for what I am saying - I just don't know it!!

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Sorry, I'm working from distant memory... I was talking to a coworker about our past jobs. Last time I saw my '78 Mack was 1994. I'm sure it's long gone and recycled. But I couldn't remember what it was, and I'm one if those that will go crazy if I can't find out!

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