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air condition leaking water in floor

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Hello, I have a 1988 RD690S Mack dump truck and the air condition drips water in the floor, I have checked the drain under the hood and it`s clean, a little water does come out of it but most of it goes in the floor. Can anybody tell me how to fix this? Thanks!

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rod the drain with a wire. form a loop on the end so you don't "poke" anything that you don't want to. Spin wire as you insert it in the drain. my guess is the tray is ether rusty or filled with dirt and the condensation cant get out quick enough, this is what my tractors have happen to them.

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Do you have a piece of hose hooked to the drain spout sticking out of the firewall? I had the same problem when I bought my RD. After a little looking around, I noticed the water would drip out the end of the spout, then trickle back down the bottom of the pipe and end up in the floor. I stuck a 2 foot piece of hose on and have had a dry floor ever since.


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