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Eaton/Fuller 13 speed issue ONLYin the big hole

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When in the big hole in 12th , the truck cruises fine , but if you let off the throttle , after about 5 seconds or so the engine rpm's drop then if you apply any throttle it starts picking up again almost like a centrifugal clutch , Happens with or without the jake on . No problems when in 13th. Any thoughts?

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Clutch? (I got nothin') Weird it only happens in 12th.....clutch would be most of the top gears I suppose.....yep, I got NOTHIN.....DAMN

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Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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Tranny Aux box??? What seems weird is that from the sounds of your description it only happens in forgive the term "under direct" (Orange Fuller button in low position).

But it should happen in every gear position with the button in that position in high range????

Something via high RPM"s in the trans is disconnecting your drive train from your power plant??? Can't say I've seen that one.

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Also has one other intermittent issue in reverse , sometimes while backing it will suddenly "jump" like theres a rock between the gears or something . 1st time having a Mack without a real Mack gearbox , sure does not seem as smooth or quiet as I've been used to. I suppose I should be planning on a rebuild of it . 2001 Vision with a 460, motor is fine just this gearbox had me on edge , not so wild on 3.70 rear gears , who spec's that in the last 2 decades for a road truck?????

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