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  1. Mike Donohue

    1999 CH613 reverse light and low air warning

    Might make sense ! This truck was parked for a year or so , might just be stuck! Thanks !!!
  2. Reverse light and low air alarm are not operable on a truck I just bought , any suggestions , before I overlook the obvious ? Also is there anything special to wire for the trailer ABS light to work properly? Thanks in advance !
  3. Mike Donohue

    Scanners and software 99 CH

    Any good places to look for a handheld scanner where I can check codes and change settings
  4. Mike Donohue

    CH Interior door panels

    Looking for grey CH door cards .
  5. Maybe rebuild to the E-7 marine spec engines, although is seem's very difficult to find info on them thesedays.
  6. Mike Donohue

    Chicagoland Mack dealerships?

    Chicago , Joliet , Indiana Mack and the small satellite shops were great when owned by Shelby , bit no longer. While I don't get thru Tulsa much ,I always appreciated Tulsa Mack! If I had the cash to buy the 2000 Vision there right now I would !
  7. Mike Donohue

    91 mack ch

    Still available?
  8. Mike Donohue

    1988 MACK SUPERLINER E-9 500hp

    Whats it weigh with no trailer and a half tanks of fuel?
  9. Mike Donohue

    1988 MACK SUPERLINER E-9 500hp

    Throttle ! I 25 year rule gets vehicles past EPA issues and I don't think those would apply to heavy trucks anyway.
  10. Mike Donohue

    What is the value of hood orniment?

    I've always wanted to have one with lit up eyes , THEN have a spring loaded right leg that will lift when I hit a button to make it lift it's leg and piss on Peterbilts when hooked to a windshield washer pump!!
  11. Mike Donohue

    Eaton/Fuller 13 speed issue ONLYin the big hole

    Also has one other intermittent issue in reverse , sometimes while backing it will suddenly "jump" like theres a rock between the gears or something . 1st time having a Mack without a real Mack gearbox , sure does not seem as smooth or quiet as I've been used to. I suppose I should be planning on a rebuild of it . 2001 Vision with a 460, motor is fine just this gearbox had me on edge , not so wild on 3.70 rear gears , who spec's that in the last 2 decades for a road truck?????
  12. Mike Donohue

    Eaton/Fuller 13 speed issue ONLYin the big hole

    That's what baffles me ! Clutch is great , could there be a air or electric solenoid/slave cylingder?
  13. When in the big hole in 12th , the truck cruises fine , but if you let off the throttle , after about 5 seconds or so the engine rpm's drop then if you apply any throttle it starts picking up again almost like a centrifugal clutch , Happens with or without the jake on . No problems when in 13th. Any thoughts?
  14. Mike Donohue

    Fiberglas Doors on CH

    The metal ones on my 2001 Vision are MUCH more quiet than the composite ones on my 1996 CH!
  15. Mike Donohue

    When should you have a gold dog?

    My 1996 CH 613 was all Mack front to back with the gold dog , recently purchased 2001 100th anniversary has the gold dog , but the bogus trans & rears

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