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  1. $10,000 buys it now! 3/4 the way thru cancer treatments, if I still own the truck after the beginning of the year , I will put it back in service!
  2. $1500 price drop ! Sister truck needed steer tires over the weekend before rolling out so price has dropped accordingly to offset the cost to replace with a really nice set of your choice .
  3. Great to see things are working out for you !
  4. E-7 460 with a 9 speed Eaton-Fuller.
  5. I forgot to mention I put three new 925 batteries in it at the beginning of the year and it was getting 6.0 - 7.8 MPG with both a van or Flatbed.
  6. Thanks man ! We are going to beat it like a red headed stepchild ! Going for the 3rd treatment out of 12 on Tuesday. Greatly appreciates the shout out !
  7. Ugly but great running and reliable truck ! I've taken this to every corner of the country this year and only selling due to a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, so not quite sure about if or when I might be returning to driving. The good, parts that have been replaced with less than 35,000 miles on them: New Steer tires Good drives new clutch New rear torque arms New rear brakes , drums, pads & seals , front are good What it needs now , at least in my opinion: New Air Dryer (current is bypassed) A/C is not working , jumped the compressor and it kicked in , just ran out of time to fix. Both vent windows need replaced , driver side took a pellet going thru Shreveport LA the passenger side pivot is broke at the top, passenger window does not roll down. Door panels are off, because I was replacing some of the clips inside for the door linkage A good deep cleaning , replace the hood (Current one has far more dings than I care to deal with) and paint. I will be pulling an oil sample to share, $15,000 located an hour north of Tampa FL Best way to contact me is via email at rydermike02@hotmail.com
  8. If I start the truck (Cold or warm) the heat will not work, sometimes the temp gauge goes up enough to kick the fan on although the air is cold blowing thru. Odd thing is , once you go a few hundred yards all is good. Is the thermostat sticking? Why would it suddenly open from moving a short distance? 1999 CH613
  9. Loves Aeolus tires are a great value as well, I bought them before and will be buying a couple steers in the afternoon!
  10. Being new to a Mack , one of the things that no matter the horsepower is the fact the Mack power curve is very flat and will never "feel" like you are accelerating. One of the first issues when new to the brand for many!
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the fuse panel identifying each fuse? My reverse light isn't working because there is no power to the sensor.
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