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  1. Is the e7 300 turbo the same have a hard time finding a turbo cant stand to be down a week
  2. Will a turbo from a e6 350 mack motor fit a e6 300
  3. Is there a mack trans thats got a top gear close to the 5 speed
  4. Truck has low pro 24.5 285-75-24.5 i believe i could stand to lose a little top speed as 95% of my driving is in 55 mph zones it just sucks to slow for a curve and then have to wait a mile or 2 to get back up to 55 sounds like the mack trans is a better swap then the fuller
  5. Dont know i believe 5.73 it tops out at 70 empty the truck is all original it'll pull a load 65 it just takes miles to get there
  6. The truck has 167,000 original miles on it it was owned by a farmer and only used 2 months a year so its worth the swap to me as far as cost im a very competent mechanic and my little brother is a truck mechanic iv found both trans locally for less then 500 bucks ( helps to be a 3rd generation driver) im just looking for info on rather the mack 2090 is better or worse then the eaton fuller 9
  7. It takes off fine 1st through 4 its just that with the five speed i shift into 5th at 40 mph im not new to trucks or driving im just new to mack thats why i asked about the transmission i dont need your opinion on my truck i just need facts about what i asked for
  8. Whats a better trans to swap in my 90 ch613 has a 300e6 and a 5speed i pull logs so im loaded above 80,000lb every load and having so few gears really kills the truck like it takes me miles to get up to speed. iv found a mack 9 speed from a r model and a eaton fuller 9 speed from a newer ch that had a e7 motor which would you guys recommended and why and what all do i need for the swap other then trans a air supply for shifter and a drive shaft
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