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  1. Have you ever seen an EGR delete on youtube? it looks pretty easy to do if you can turn your own wrenches. It looks like they just cut a piece of steel and drill some holes so it will fit where the egr matches up to the recirculation pipe and the exhaust bypasses it and leaves out the exhaust. Your only issue would be if the truck would throw a code cause it detects no flow. Also i read that engine fan can rob an engine of 30 hp. theres a Mack facebook page Volvo & mack truck enthusiast they usually are very helpful and can almost certainly provide you an answer
  2. Hey I am pretty sure your engine is called the e7 ASET might help you in your search. I don’t have the answer but if you can figure out which engine it was you can probably help speed your search
  3. Hi guys, i am trying to get my high beam headlights back up and running. So far i have ruled out that its the fuses. Both High and low beams will turn on, the low beams work fine but the high beams only work when i use the flash function on the turn signal switch.
  4. You have any pictures of the seat
  5. The wiring harness in good condition?
  6. Hi guys, ive tried calling dealerships, part departments, and the Mack museum. I’ve got a 2000 Mack Vision that I want to get the specification sheet to, just would like to know what parts I have on it so I can replace them if need be when the time comes. Vin: 1M1AE07Y3YW002903 can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advance.
  7. I was thinking if I took the fairings off both pinnacle and vision they both look very similar possibly same size sleeper so based on that i was curious if I could just put the pinnacle aero on my vision
  8. I have a 2000 Mack Vision with the 80" sleeper, was curious if anyone knew if the roof fairings made for the Pinnacle that add fuel efficiency would match up with mine. Curious if anyone has attempted such a thing, I have searched on the forum and couldn't find it anywhere. Thank you l.htm
  9. Hey guys, I been wanting one for a while but the right truck never came along. So naturally I gave up on trying to find one of these rare beasts. Fate intervened and I jumped on the opportunity to get an 80” sleeper when I saw it pop up for sale on Facebook by some random chance and now I’m the proud new owner of a 2000 Mack Vision just shy of 2M miles. Its got the E7 460 under the hood and a 13 speed Eaton and I’m the second owner. any of you fellas could point me to where I can learn about the 460 and how it likes to run I’d really appreciate it. thank you
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