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  1. I was thinking if I took the fairings off both pinnacle and vision they both look very similar possibly same size sleeper so based on that i was curious if I could just put the pinnacle aero on my vision
  2. I have a 2000 Mack Vision with the 80" sleeper, was curious if anyone knew if the roof fairings made for the Pinnacle that add fuel efficiency would match up with mine. Curious if anyone has attempted such a thing, I have searched on the forum and couldn't find it anywhere. Thank you l.htm
  3. Hey guys, I been wanting one for a while but the right truck never came along. So naturally I gave up on trying to find one of these rare beasts. Fate intervened and I jumped on the opportunity to get an 80” sleeper when I saw it pop up for sale on Facebook by some random chance and now I’m the proud new owner of a 2000 Mack Vision just shy of 2M miles. Its got the E7 460 under the hood and a 13 speed Eaton and I’m the second owner. any of you fellas could point me to where I can learn about the 460 and how it likes to run I’d really appreciate it. thank you
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