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Question about a DOT front end inspection?


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Could some one tell me why when the DOT does an inspection on the steering components like tie rod ends they make you shut off the truck and rack the wheel back and forth hard, what the heck is the purpose of doing it with no power steering, makes no since to me, and they keep telling you to turn the wheel harder, I could see doing it that way to check the u-joints on the steering shaft but that's about it.

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We had a local DMV guy that would check all steering components while the truck was off even the steering box. He would tell you it was loose then give you his buddy's number to come fix it as he would then put you out of service. Tried it with one of our trucks and the driver told him you need the truck running to legally check it. He didn't say anything and told him to get moving before he digs more. (nothing the matter with the truck)

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