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speedometer not working 88 Mack superliner

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I had to trouble shoot the mechanical speedo on on my MH. I would start by putting a drill on the cable at the transmission. I think I had to run my drill in reverse to show speed. That should give you a starting place.

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actually I just take the cable off the back of the speedo and try to turn it by hand if you can the cable is probably bad, more times than not its the little plastic adapter on the end not the cable, I keep spares in the garage. other than that if its good keep it out and move the truck down the driveway, the cable should turn if it does the speedo is probably the culprit, the drill works too but most of the time its the adapter or speedo so you gotta take the dash apart anyway so I just start there.

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Thanks a lot should be picking it up Saturday going to bring the gps to know how fast I'm going and will let you know when I figure out the culprit most likely I'm thinking the adapter because it has a newer speedo in it only 91k according to it guy says whole truck has 600k and it looks like it's been well cared for

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