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Air ride cab

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Howdy! First time posting!

I have a 1980 RD612 (looks like that's how you refer to the model?)

I'm curious how to go about making the cab air ride. Is it as simple as getting rid of the rear center cab mount and installing an air bag/shocks? Anything else need to be done?

Is there a kit available? Or is it just something to make up as you go along?



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Also make sure your hood "seats". where the hood rest. That should have the roller. Check how your radiator supports. Do they come off the fire wall on cab or from the frame? Otherwise your radiator will be rocking back and forth

Remember if it's got a hood it's no good!

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See if those pictures work...

The front of the cab has what I would call pivoting mounts... Second picture is the back of the cab. (if they load)

The radiator does have rods going to the firewall, but the radiator is mounted on the bottom, with rubber mounts, almost like it is supposed to pivot... But, that's just my impression. The hood to cab rest... The hood has a rubber block, the cab has a 4"? diameter round plate at an angle. Once again, giving me the impression that its there to allow movement.



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