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Joined a gym..


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Wife's grandmother recipe, the same as on the back of KARO syrup with an extra twist, One level teaspoon of cornmeal. I mix everything except the nuts and only use whole 1/2 nuts and put them in after I pour the mix in pie shell, spoon the nuts down into mix, the smaller nuts have more taste. We grow our own nuts in the south. Use real butter also. Since pie shells usually comes two to a package I mix up enough for both pies and bake at the same time, That way you got one to give away. BEST Pecan pie you will ever eat.

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My pop subcontracted for a man that was a General Contractor who had 3 sons & 3 daughters .

All of them were Damn good truck drivers, operators & Mechanics .

all of them had & still have a lot of respect esp the daughters . The 3 daughters were all natural redheads & anywhere from 5'4" to 5'7" tall & anywhere from 110 lbs to 130lbs . Small petite frames

I remember when the oldest daughter was pregnant w/ her oldest son back in the late 90's . She drove the Lowboy & Also pulled a Dump trailer w/ the lowboy tractor as well until the dr put her on bed rest about 2 weeks till her oldest son came into the world . Meanwhile her dad, brothers & sisters & husband were trying to get her to work in the office she wouldn't have no part of it . She wanted to be on the Job . & she was till her 9th month .

I seen her Drive the wheels off that 86' RD Mack lowboy tractor . & made that ole E6 350 &12SPD Sound good doing it .

I seen her get out of the truck unload 1 piece of equipment , load another come back , unhook from lowboy trailer , hook on to the dump trailer , back the truck up to the track hoe & load her own truck & get back in the truck & haul dirt to from the pit to the job site . all when she was pregnant .

She defiantly has my respect & is a hell of a good friend to me & has been for years .

My morale to this story ECD : DONT LET SOME ONE TRACK MINDED Backwoods Redneck that thinks this still the 1950's bring you down hun .

He is probably scared he will get showed up by a woman . ;)

Those 3 ladies along w/ my oldest sister also has shown me for years A Woman can do anything a man can do if not better . ;)

Cause i'll admit im good @ the operating farm, construction ,logging equipment & driving trucks but my sister has shown me up a time or 2 on the job back in the day & i'll admit it . But our grandfather, great uncle & my grandfathers operators & drivers along w/ some others pop sub contracted for taught us & My oldest sis & those other ladies were just (in their words ) more of the boys on the job . ;) My sister will tell you shes a Tomboy & proud of it .. ;)

but I get a kick when a man tells her she cant do something then my oldest sister will show his ass up & when she does & runs circles around him & im around I lmao & say I told you so dumb a$$... :loldude:

& BTW I love pecan pie myself but I limit myself to the holidays now . I could used to eat a whole pecan pie by myself . ;)


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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Bulldog man, thanks for the great words of courage my friend. It's people like you who have a special place!

I am happy with my job, even if I work on trucks or drive part time with a flat bed with vinyl sides. I show up even my partner on a lot of things, but I don't like to brag, even the least.

What makes me happy is feeling the power of the engine and myself controlling it. And making trucks go that make people happy. :)


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Some of the best mechanics I worked with are female, at least they will listen.

Some of the best Firefighters I have ever worked with are women! There is one in fact that I have been friends with since I was 16 years old, and would pull a line through the gates of hell with her any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.

ECD as my esteemed colleague Mr. Mack says- don't let the simpleton backwoods hillbillies knock you down. Just ignore them and then show them who's boss.

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