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Looking for superliner chrome.

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nobody makes anything anymore. I was lucky enough to get 3 sets of the Bores stainless fender deflectors remade last winter, the place I ordered them from had them listed as a stock item and found out after I ordered them they were out.Evidently they had enough pull with Bores to have my order filled.

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Its made for an R series cab, they are offered as a 12" but I had them custom cut mine as a 9". I had to drill for some rubber nutserts to hold it on, its not that big a deal since I don't see me taking it off. Well unless I need to replace it with another one like it. 6 holes if I remember right 4 on the front and one on each side above the drip rail. The headlight bezels are a universal visored bezel from United Pacific you can get them from any chrome shop. Take one of your screws and get some new stainless screws 1/4" longer to put the new bezels on, they're a little deeper. You can get visors for the cab lights too, again made by United Pacific at any chrome shop. The grab handles on the side of the cowl on my truck are United Pacific too, they're also a universal fit item that fits right on a Mack. I could go on and on.

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