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Magnum Restore

Mack Doctor Jr.

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Went to New Concord, Ohio yesterday to pick up an 85 Magnum. We showed up with a trailer to haul it home. It was framerails and axles. Had to put the engine and trans together and in the frame along with putting on the tires on.

We loaded up all we could from 8 am to 6 pm. Gotta go back to get the tanks, fenders, and all the new parts that were stored in the sleeper. This guy has bought everything new. Im talking new Mack frame bolts, dash, new hood down to the last stock bolt. Its insane the money he has spent on this thing and just wants us to put it together.

I will try to post some pics before and during our progress.

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I think you need to pull the heads and get em out of your way too, Ill store em for you just send them my way! :whistling:

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