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96 DM Tandem with a cracked trunnion

let it loose

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Well what the f%@k. I thought the DM's were the toughest trucks on the block. Apparently not... I have a cracked trunnion on mine. This is the second Mack I've owned with a cracked frame. I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas for a fix? I see this is an option. http://www.stengelbros.com/MackParts.htm

Anyone know someone who can do this install for me around St. Louis? I'm fed up. The truck is for sale.

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I have done a few for some of my customers, prep it properly, 7018 with runout tabs, and you should be OK. Depending on how bad the trunion tower is it may crack next to the repair and ultimately need replacement.

Ok, I'll look into this. I haven't gotten any quotes yet. Thanks guys.

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