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kingpin to gooseneck adaptor

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Found this nifty thing on ebay. I've been watching it for a few months here and there and finally shot the guy an email. The ball is good up to 25,000 lbs. Perfect for 3 car wedge trailers, RV's, and other gooseneck trailers. Adds versitility so you can hook up gooseneck trailers with ease. No more getting caught when you show up and the people tell you "yeah its a 5th wheel" and its really a gooseneck. Pop this puppy in and hook up!


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$260 with shipping on eBay. I haven't used it yet. I was going to bring it today to see how it fits on the truck. One of the questions I had for the seller was how much slop but he states it stays tight on the 5th wheel.

The RV dealer across from me is always moving big 5th wheel and gooseneck trailers so I figured I'll hit them up for some business when I get the General on the road.

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Mine is the actual 4" square tube that fits in the neck. I think it was about $150.

That's what I was planning on doing for my gooseneck trailer to pull with my R, a local farm store has a bulldog brand for $120, mine is the round one. On my B I did not have a fifth wheel so I just put on a GN plate, works good.

On the R I had been thinking about just putting a GN ball on it behind the 5th wheel, everything I have seen was expensive or I had to fab some special brackets and install a balI.

That adapter looks like it might work, I also had the concern of movement.


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Stuck it on my 5th wheel before leaving work. I didn't lock it down just because I have to lube my unit. Been sitting for a long time and its sticky. I wanted to paint it before lubing everything. Hopefully I'll get that done this weekend.

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My buddy custom made a goose ball hitch for my truck originally. It's a very heavy plate, ball sunken in the middle, bolts down the side of frame where 5th was at. It's propped up beside the garage presently as I wanted to switch it back to 5th wheel as it is so much easier to hook/unhook. I don't have any pics handy.

I've seen guys just put a beam across the back and put a ball on it. I have a diamond plate tale panel so it is all covered up and not able to do that.



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