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Notre Dame Du Nord Que. Truck Rodeo


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That is one of the BEST truck shows I think anyone could put on. Too bad it doesn't take off down here somewhere?

The only thing that scares me is the half azz jersey barrier placement and the crowd being 5ft from a truck coming at them at ?? mph. Anything stupid goes wrong and I can see lots of problems. Thus why they don't do it in the sue happy US.



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The black R Model is pretty cool. I think it's just an R 600 one of the crew told me the cab is chopped 4". It has a pair of racing buckets for seats so you sit low. It has an E9 stuffed under that little hood. He wouldn't tell me what they have done to it , that's their secret. It's just for racing it's very impressive. About 6 years ago the first time we went he stopped half way up the hill and lot up all 8 tires and just toto tilled the street, had smoke and flames coming off the mangled asphalt.

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