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Replacing clutch and pressure plate on a 93 ch612


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Probably a few things you should know before you start.Once you get to the clutch back off all the bolts don't take them all out at once because there is tension on them and that clutch and pressure plate is heavy you might want a second set off hands to remove them.You will need a pilot tool to reinstall the clutch and you have to line things up with the pilot tool then slowly tighten the clutch bolts while wiggling the pilot tool in a circular motion until its all tight and the pilot tool slides in and out with ease.If you don't get the clutch lined up straight it will vibrate like hell.Also make sure when reinstalling the trans line up your clutch bearing with your linkage.I'm not sure if you already know this but when I did my clutch I was given this advice and it was very helpful as far as balanced all I know is your pressure plate may need to be turned in a lathe to get it true again that's the only balance I'm aware off and while it's all apart it's a good time to check your rear engine seal.Good luck

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I take the clutch bolts out through the inspection plate and remove the transmission with the clutch on the input shaft, I install it the same way never need to align it tighten the bolts in an x pattern, it's a little slow with the bolts but so much easier than messing with the alignment tool and I use the jack to lift the clutch

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Don't screw around.....replace the entire clutch assembly with an Eaton rebuild (had very good luck with them approx. $500 plus core up here) and get the fly wheel resurfaced with a new pilot bearing.. Nothing worse then having to go in there twice. I have had 1 RB I put a clutch in have a balance issue at 1200rpm. Turned out to be a flywheel machining issue. I have heard of stories where other techs have had to unbolt the pressure plate and rotate the housing to the next set of bolt holes in the flywheel. If you are that worried about the balance issue mark the flywheel to where the pressure plate is bolted in and make sure the discs and intermediate plate are in phase. Best way to test after the new clutch is in, is when the trans is out and the engine flywheel housing is strongly supported (either blocks of wood or a jack stand), start the motor. Don't rev it up, just slowly increase the idle to check for an imbalance. You shouldn't have to do this, but if it helps you sleep at night I've given you some options. Good luck and make sure you have a good heavy trans jack and an alignment tool for the clutch assembly.

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