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Yup, motor done in truck.

The most important deal is to have all the paperwork to back up "Motor In-framed". Paperwork would indicate bearings, liners, heads, pump, etc. Everything done should be listed and match the motor number and injector pump number.

Does the motor work have a warranty? Is the warranty transferred to the new owner?

Most motor work is done in the chassis unless there has been something catastrophic that has happened.



It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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A man i know bought a used truck that had just been inframed, the oil pressure drop a few months later. Pulled the pan and a piece of grit was in the oil pump valve, simple fix, but #5 & 6 clyinders there was gobs of rubber glue around the bottom of the sleeves. I always wonder why You would spend the money to overhaul and than get rid of it. Like some one said be sure you get warranty and was done by a reputable place.

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