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Big beams on the big road

Timothy Maikshilo

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Huh one of Supors trucks. Are you alive??

Alive and well but sick of the F ing rain! Where is Supor out of?

very nice pics Tim, how fast were they traveling do you estimate?

Paul, When Jewell Transport came by they were moving right along but the bridge section was moving at snail speed and through our package when they were driving on the rumble strips it sounded like the trailer was coming apart!

Did y'all get any notice that they would be running by?

Ed, my answer would be a big NO! We had to move the mill out of the way and the police escorts and driver were looking at us like we were the biggest A holes in the world....which on some occasions is true ;)

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That's a railroad ballast deck bridge in the second pic, they build em off site and truck em in then place em with a big ass crane or two.

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"Any Society that would give up a little LIBERTY to gain a little SECURITY will Deserve Neither and LOSE BOTH" -Benjamin Franklin

"If your gonna be STUPID, you gotta be TOUGH"

"You cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need"

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Pa makes you call. 2nd time I didn't and in 2 weeks there was more contruction then I new what to do with. But whatever permit was that way and the first time we called took us 4 hours to finally get a working number

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