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Oops! I swear it was level


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That is expensive. The truck is probably totaled and if he spilled one drop of diesel, it will cost a mint to clean it up, upright the truck and haul it away. Driving a big truck is a massive responsibility. I'm new at the whole thing and I pay a lot of attention to my driver friends who put their license on the line to help me out. It's easy to tip trucks over. The point is to avoid that problem at every corner and every situation that comes up. I hope I have better luck than that guy.


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I hold it sideways, usually they are good. They are right side up in my album, just on here they are not. I tried, sorry they really are interesting. I never seen a truck go over it was like a light switch went on. Not a drop of fuel or oil leaked. Cab is junk frame is twisted nose is junk. I guess the tail gate was sticking, the nose was stuffed it really didn't look like he was going to go. It's a shame I think it's a 2011 or 12.

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Back on her feet

Hey Brother, hope you don't mind but I flipped your video so it is right side up. I kept it in the same format but it is to large to up-load. The new file size is 6.67 MB and the limit is 5 MB. You can click here to see it.

Never Forget, You As A Driver and You Alone, Will Stand Before The Judge, For Your Actions Behind The Wheel!


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