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Those Israeli Ashdod Macks

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Leyland trucks were produced in Israel by Leyland Ashdod between 1963-1973 at a 120-acre site co-owned by Leyland and the local Leyland dealer CNEC.

When Leyland withdrew from the Israeli market after 1973, Mack Trucks signed an agreement with the Israeli government allowing the company to begin using the former Leyland plant in the Port of Ashdod (one of Israel's two main cargo ports) to assemble KD (knocked down) kits imported from the US including steel hood R-600s, F and FM-700s (many FMs), DM-800s and MBs.

This marked the second time Mack trucks has been assembled in Israel. During the 1950s, Kaiser-Frazer signed an agreement with Mack Trucks President Ed Bransom resulting in Mack trucks being produced at the carmaker’s plant in Haifa, Israel under license. Assembled trucks were also to be to Greece and Turkey but I don’t recall if that plan followed thru.

The Ashdod plant operated at least through 1986 (The U.S. Army War College reports that the multi-national force rented a secure truck lot that year at Mack Truck’s Ashdod plant).

Elkon Bros., Ltd. In Tel Aviv (dealer code 93P) was Mack’s importing distributor for Israel.















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From 1973 to 1978, in addition to assembling Mack trucks from KD (knocked down) kits imported from the US, Mack Ashdod cooperated with Leyland and produced some hybrid trucks alongside the Mack models including the E190.

The E190 used a Leyland 20-ton “Super Beaver” chassis and 6x2 rear axle configuration combined with a Mack cab, engine and transmission.

Only a few examples were built before Mack decided to concentrate on the assembly of KD kits.



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As in most global markets, with Volvo’s decision not to offer a Mack COE* (e.g. an MH Ultra-Liner II), civilian Mack trucks are now a rarity in Israel as COEs are the truck of choice.

* Mack stopped building MH Ultra-Liner cabovers for the North American market in 1993. However, Ultra-Liners continued to be built for export thru 1997, for export to Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Israel.

Australia sold MHs thru 1998, New Zealand thru 1999.

Chile and Israel received CBUs (Completely Built Units), while Australia and New Zealand MHs were shipped as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) kits.









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Nice history, more interesting variations of the favorite brand before the V. And again, the commonality of head light placement regulations in Europe, UK & the middle east. All sit consistently lower & with a greater separation space between the head lamps & turn signals.


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Did anyone else notice the second truck in the pic with the dump trailers in the building was a Superliner 1 with headlights in the bumper.

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Did anyone else notice the second truck in the pic with the dump trailers in the building was a Superliner 1 with headlights in the bumper.

Here's a Super-Liner II, and you'll notice the quad rectangular headlamps are located much lower than the U.S. market spec.


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