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Beiler's Auction Leola, PA

Timothy Maikshilo

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I'm sure some of you have been to Beiler's Auction in Leola,PA. I went for years with my brother and here are some photo'spost-426-0-10052000-1363033115_thumb.jpgTractor row and one of the equipment area'spost-426-0-50045300-1363033142_thumb.jpgMy favorite spotpost-426-0-14363700-1363033190_thumb.jpgand should have bought this onepost-426-0-87176400-1363033246_thumb.jpgJD 630 power steering and live pto but let it go by....and a 730 Hi Crop from Argentinapost-426-0-93233900-1363033364_thumb.jpgWorth quite a bit now and some Amish boy's running around with this tractorpost-426-0-51449500-1363033474_thumb.jpgWhen you saw them coming you made sure you gave them plenty of room. Always had a great time there and the people were awesome along with the food and pies.

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Great pictures. I have never been to Beiler's, but have been to Zettlemoyer's. I should have bought a TD6 there, but stopped putting my hand up. Mike

Thanks Mike, We've all had that nervous feeling in our stomach if we should keep bidding or slowly back away!

so does puttin tire chains on the tires make it all legal for the Amish to drive a tractor? or are they Mennenites? up here in Ny all the Amish tractors have homemade steel wheels

I asked the same question many years ago and was told by Mr. Beiler that young folks could run equipment or even have a license to drive but when they hit 18 and join the church, by by to all that. The Mennonite's do run steel and a steel seat. Landis Zimmerman had a brand new riding lawn mower on steel and steel seat. I asked him why and he said we can have no comfort.

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Beiler's sale is no longer held at the farm,I think it held at some auction house.I have been there many times before but since they changed hands I haven't been back,Not as good as before.

MikeD that is what my brother said. He had talked to Elias Beiler and his son did not want it at the farm anymore. That is what I heard. I always had a wonderful time and couldn't believe how much stuff there was. I always came home with something for the wife.

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