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Trying to get a B model

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ran into this B Model on Craigslist not too much information and the guy does not know much about the truck, chassis# B61T4360 guy said it was a Thermodyne diesel motor and got to run for 45 seconds a few years back?? what should I expect??guy is asking $3,900.00 for it, what's a good price for this truck? post-14078-136154355106_thumb.jpgpost-14078-13615435654_thumb.jpgpost-14078-136154358179_thumb.jpgpost-14078-136154359067_thumb.jpgpost-14078-136154360165_thumb.jpg

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If the truck runs and the floor isn't rotted out it could be worth that. It is very hard to tell with out seeing it in person. That is quite a heavy tail on that tractor. I guess it is for one of those lowboys that you have to winch on. Mike

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