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Pictures of the Week

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This is the second week in a row that I didn't get a load on Thursday. Hope I load something today to leave Sunday with. It's sleeting here now.

Last week I didn't get out until Monday, when I went to Petersburg and got another load of beams going to Neville Island. I did see a big red Mack in McKees Rocks backing into door number 2 though.

And a blue Mack was across the street.

Saw a yellow truck too, working at the 70/79 interchange in Washington, Pa.

The red wrecker at Fairmont's still sitting there.

Took 5 coils from Handy in Lynchburg down to Greensboro and unloaded at this place yesterday morning. I've to get out of that gate...kind of a tight spot, especially since that white SUV over there had to park 2 feet from the door...probably the boss's car. I went inside and got them to move the Freightliner box truck, and made it out with inches to spare, without knocking the fence down or hitting anything important.

Looks like an old cigarette factory here...

Went from there to Lexington and picked up a load of 10x12 16' lumber and unloaded them at the mat making place in Long Island yesterday evening.

They had several of these Barko 275A knuckle booms in Lexington, these are the same as Westvaco used at the Buckingham woodyard to load pulpwood.

Those are self propelled units, where this one here needs a truck to move it around-

They had lots of lumber there too.


Pretty good looking IH car hauler at the junkyard between here and Long Island.

I parked beside a Peterbilt when I got in.

...and of course I had to go through Winfall on the way to the shop Monday. Saw all this destruction in the downtown area- apparently this pedestrian brushed against the Winfall sign and knocked it over! He should be walking closer to the road with his girlfriend in the ditch anyway, like a gentleman! Winfall may never be the same after this.


oh...never mind, everything looked fine again yesterday.


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Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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The driver of the big red truck is out of the Pittsburgh terminal. He's about 66 years old and has been with the company for 65 years. His son is the p&d planner at my terminal.

Lorillard makes Kent, Old Gold, Newport, True, and Maverick cigs. I've never heard of them but then again, I don't smoke.

If THAT guy can get THAT girl, there may be hope for me yet.

I'm out of likes.

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Who is the rocket scientist in Greensboro that put a gate right next to the dock? Brilliant.....just brilliant.

I also recommend to that young lady to stay on top with Walter from Winfall.

Thanks for the pics!

Good idea, i'd hate to think she'd been smuffocated.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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