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Electric brake trailer controller


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I have a 2003 RB688S Tri axle dump truck I need to tow a Cam superline trailer which is a 14,000 GVWR 12,000 lbs carrying capacity.

The trailer has electric brakes on both axles.I have a RV plug on my pintel plate. I have been told to install an air actuated electric brake controller??? I never heard of one is this good advise????

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I would say it is plumbed in to the air brake line, probably at the brake switch area, I have seen regular controllers on air brake systems with the electric that ties into the brake light switch that signals the box to activate and they seemed to work fine, like Doug said most now work of a pendulaum set up, just make sure that it is a quality controller most will be around $120


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I have a Warner. White box, red knob on the front for manual activation. Hooked it into the treadle valve and works great.

I tried a "car" type pendulum, but with a very bumpy road it was BAD. The newer electronic versions are just as bad. They just ramp up to full power no matter what you want. That sucks too especially going down a long hill. Keep having to get on/off the brakes as the trailer kept dragging hard after a few seconds.




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