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Pictures of the Week

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Kinda' small this week, as I only made one round. Pretty good one though, went to Reno, Pa. with a load of lumber- that's between Franklin and Oil City- loaded in Newton Falls, Ohio for Fayetteville, N.C, then loaded sand in Hoffman, N.C. going to Griffin Pipe in Lynchburg, Va.

Going up the hill out of Charmco, W.V. on rt. 20.

Almost to the top. I wish "Axe Men" had a West Virginia crew- they do some serious logging there, as you can see on that mountainside ahead.

Bridge construction on rt. 39 between Nettie and Summersville.

KW for sale in Summersville.

This is the Powell Mountain goat. Unlike the goats on the hill in Moorefield, this is apparently a lone goat that hangs out on Powell Mountain. It's usually up on the rocks, but it was down by the roadside Tuesday...or was it Monday? Anyhow, it was very blurry because it was almost dark, but it is indeed the goat that lives there.

This is about as blurry as the goat, but it was a chilly 5 degrees in Reno, Pa.

It was snowing too.

Some tugboats and barges on the Ohio river.

Ice on the rocks.

It was blurry inside the Big Walker Mountain tunnel on I-77 too.

Coming down the hill on old rt. 29 from Madison Heights into Lynchburg- I'm going up yonder, make a left, then another left, and come down the street just to the left of the speed limit sign to go to Griffin Pipe.

This is where i'm going down that street to Griffin Pipe that was to the left of the speed limit sign in the previous picture, looking at the hill I was coming down on old rt. 29 from Madison Heights into Lynchburg to go to Griffin- never mind.

When I got back to the yard I found that the bottle of hot sauce that I left in the pickup to give to the nice lady at the post office for giving me the boxes had frozen and blew the top off. I put a piece of plastic on it and screwed what was left of the lid on it. The glass wasn't broken, so I brought it home to use for myself.

I have to go through Winfall to get from Concord to Gladys- saw this in Winfall.


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The goat looks lonely.

Ice on the Rocks-my favorite drink since I gave up alcohol. Is that Route 7?

Been to Reno. Shuster's had regular Thursday pickup at the door plant next door to Carter Lumber.

Did someone dump catnip around that Winfall sign? It sure does attract a lot of pus...good looking women.


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