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I have heard some of you talking about PAI...looking parts and such...tried to sign up (to do a parts search) back in November...make it thru sign up but never get email...have had to or three responses from a couple of poeple...last one said towards Christmas that it would be after the holidays...still heard nothing...finally got this...

Dear Sirs,

I am sorry to inform you that we cannot give you access at this time because the website is for PAI customer only. Thank you.

Best regards,

Tam Dang

PAI Industries, Engineering Department

950 Northbrook Parkway

Suwanee, GA 30024

770-822-1000 x116

Do you have to be a dealer or what?!?


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Yes, you have to be a deaner to buy direct from PAI. You can however buy from a dealer. We are a PAI dealer and sell alot of parts and use alot on our own trucks and farm tractors.The quality is exellant and pricing is reasonable.I have rebuilt several 855 and N-14 Cummins with thier kits and have had no problems.Many of the parts on my Superliner came from PAI. Steve

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I was not happy with some of the PAI parts I used when restoring the BCR.I got a vent window with rubber that looked like brake fluid was smeared all over it (distorted),switches,and several other parts that were not up to par.They cheerfully replaced the stuff,but I thought to myself,doesn't anyone check this stuff out before they package it? Unfortunetly,with Volvo carrying less and less parts for OUR kind of MACK TRUCKS,PAI is about our only source.Hopefully quality control has got better.


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I used to deal with them in Atlanta when they first started. It is owned by Iranians who realize that the American dream is still possible, and were foresighted enough to know that Mack Truck parts were the ones to start with, which in turn forced Mack dealers to become more competitive on the price of their parts.Why is it, that people from other countries come here and prosper, while those of us fortunate enough to have been born here sit back and dream of the day when we hit the lottery, and all of the old Macks that we would buy and restore.

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