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Well we won't be back to Madrid until 2014. You'll certainly be ready by then. Maybe get Chet there next time and park you guys together. Be nice to see you there with a truck. You are the next generation of truck collectors.

Awww, dang. Chet says hes restoring that U686 of his. He didnt even know about the show this year. That would be cool to park together. Im really proud to be a next generation. Thanks.


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i looked at the album on the 4 door R model that was sititn on the truck at the Washington county truck show. truck was originally a fire truck, regular cab, was really nice and they scrapped the pumper body and chopped the cab and another one and spliced them together. actually did a nice job. just not my style. plenty of R models around to choose from rather than cuttin up a firetruck but to each their own.

Mack built a few 4 door fire engines for NYFD, there is a burned out one abandoned in the old Flushing Airport. Paul

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’”


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I believe the B77 is at a truck museum in New Mexico. It isn't in the museum though it is/was being used as the guy's hauler. It went out there green and white and last I heard was quite faded. I think near Rio Rancho. A Stewart pick up of Francis' is there in the museum. Still has the Walsh Trucking Services decals on the doors I think.

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I've seen pics of the B42. It was on a safety recognition plaque photo arangement. Francis' daughter Marcy has that. I have a picture of the B77 when it was red with an A model Mack on his trailer. Seems like he said the farm he got the A model at the wife wasn't as easily convinced as the husband that the truck should be sold! Seems like there was mention of a shotgun! Francis got the truck though.


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