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Mack E-7

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Did the Mack E-7 start out as a Mack in house engine. Some times on this site I here people refer to it as a renault engine. It is interesting that the E-7 came out about the time as the renault > than 50%ownership. Amy thoughts? :blush:

The E7 and E9 is Mack and Renault working together...But Alot more Renault ,,Mack needed the push into

the 21 century,,Mack had a V8 2 valve that was killing them and they had the 6 cyl 2 valve that was stuck at 315hp

The E7 (Not sure of e-teck)..... you will find the Renault Diamond (casting) on the block only, and many turbo's Mack uses has the Diamond casting

The boldest statement from Renault was casting RENAULT in the aluminum bell housing of the E7..

The E9,, the heads share Mack casting and Renault casting Diamond


Thanks for hearing me out.

You can have the soap box now---------JIM

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I wonder if the Scannia V-8 had any influence on the E-9. They were about the same displacement. Scannia currently has individual heads compared to the E-9's four heads. I wonder if the scannia V-8's will be dropped into the puller circuit when the E-9's become

parts nighmares.

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